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Our Community

Making A Difference

For the past five years, I have had the great privilege of serving our community as a member of the Granville Health System Foundation Board. During that time, and particularly in my last year as President, I have watched the evolution of health care with great fascination.

Medicine has had a huge impact on our quality of life since the Foundation started in 1984. Simultaneously, I have seen Granville Health System grow in order to meet the complex and constantly changing health care needs of Granville County and surrounding areas.

Certainly, things look much different today as compared to 1920 when Granville Medical Center’s predecessor - Brantwood Hospital – first opened. Yet while we have made incredible leaps in regard to technological advances and medical treatments, one thing has remained the same—our commitment to serve the health care needs of our community.

Today, this same commitment is at the heart of our most pressing challenge—to continue expanding and create a medical facility for the future. As a community health system, Granville Health System is owned by you, and the hospital is here to serve you. But with any type of ownership comes a responsibility, a responsibility to grow and evolve this community resource while maintaining the highest standards of healthcare for generations to come.

The business of health care has changed and created sizable challenges. But they are not without solutions. Today I am asking you to commit yourself to continuing to have a healthy and vibrant hospital for the future. You can start by making a gift to the GHS Expansion Plan, which is focused on transforming a patient’s experience of hospitalization and treatment.

We hope you will help us make this a pivotal moment in Granville Health System’s history. You’ll be helping to create a legacy of health that will ensure the future of healthcare in our community. Your gift truly makes a difference.

Martha Wrenn
Granville Health System Foundation